Fly of the Month

Brush Maker

This simple accessory allows the creation of dubbing brushes from the finest to the bushiest.

The Spinner is built into a cam device that clamps the vice stem to the base.

See the sequence below or watch the VIDEO in the video section.


First attach the wire to the clip on the end of the base in the same way you would start applying thread to a hook.

Run the wire along the surface of the base, Under the clip, through the hook on the spring, back under the clip and then hang the bobbin over the GooseNeck of the vice.

Now lay up the desired material on the wire. Avoid making it too dense..

Carefully bring the bobbin with the wire over the layed up material to the right hand side of the base. Trap with your left forefinger directly above the bottom wire.

Now keeping tension on the wire wrap back around the right hand clip in the opposite direction to the initial wraps.

Now the fun begins, as you start spinning the brass wheel with the left hand push the two wires from under the LH clip maintaining tension. As the brush winds up raise the RH clip to allow the long fibres to spin around.