Fly of the Month


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Stainless Damasteel Jaws

This beautiful ProJaw made from stainless maternistic Damasteel from Sweden (normally used for top end knives) will set you back US$300.00. Only 6 numbered jaws were made. The jaws were hardened, polished and etched  by renowned knife maker De Wet van Zyl from Darkwing Blades ( ) Click here to see more.


Brush Maker

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The Hand Vice

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Tube Fly Attachment

The tube fly attachment screws onto the front of the GooseNeck vice. It has a collet clamping mechanism to lock the pin and the tube is then locked in place by turning the front cone. Available with 1.7mm pin for Salt Water and 1mm for freshwater fly's. On Right Hand versions the nose cone is now made with a left hand thread to prevent the tube coming loose when pressure is applied to the tying thread.

Dubbing Spinner

The dubbing spinner has a purpose drilled pocket in the base.

Small hook and bead dishes

These non corrosive dishes are turned from bar stock Acetyl and are available in black or white. They are designed to fit the 35mm holes in the base and are held in place with an "O" ring. On request they can be supplied with a separate wooden stand custom made to take the required no of dishes.

Camera Attachment

This accessory holds a compact digital camera and is great for step by step photography. It can be used behind the vice taking pictures toward the tyer or can be swung in to the tying position as shown in the picture above and then swung out when the picture is taken. Great for doing videos as well.

Hair Stacker

The Mini Hair stacker has a taper fit enabling easy hair removal after stacking

The Nebbe Articulating Bobbin Rest

The Nebbe articulating bobbin rest pictured below was produced at the request of Duncan Nebbe who required a bobbin rest that allowed the bobbin to hang behind the hook giving better access to the front of the fly. This has now become a popular accessory.

Gallows Attachment

The Gallows attachment shown above is used for tying Para loop Fly's. The attachment fully rotates with the head so no rotational features are lost when in use. The design enables the Para loop hackle to be temporarily pulled back out of the way while thorax material is added.

Salt Water Streamer Attachment

The Saltwater Streamer attachment shown above is used when tying saltwater streamers. This accessory holds the tail material in place while tying and is especially useful to hold the tail in the desired shape while applying epoxy.
The top spring clip can be swiveled out of the way, reducing clip pressure, to allow the fibers to be easily pulled into the clip during tying. Once the tail has been spread to the desired shape the top clip is swiveled into place securely holding the fibers while epoxy is applied. The attachment rotates with the head making epoxy control and manipulation easy.